School Success Is Defined by Its Students or Pupils Achievement
Essay Preview: School Success Is Defined by Its Students or Pupils Achievement
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CHAPTER ONE1.1 INTRODUCTIONIn todays climate, school success is defined by its students or pupils achievement and also by achieving its goals that has been set and also teachers use different tools to help them identify pupil who are at risk academically. This research will investigate the effect of broken homes on the performance of Pupils. Although there is no enough data available to show that broken home are on a rise as well as the poor performance of children in all levels of education. This study intends to explore and investigate the perception of teachers and the community members on the effect of broken homes on pupils’ performance and how best this can be dealt with to minimize the effects.BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYThe home environment is considered to have a powerful influence on a child and it is also viewed as consequential for child developmental outcome like the cognitive ability school readiness academic achievement and emotional Adjustment. Most broken homes are the result of divorce death and also due to children been born outside the formal matrimonial setup. Divorce has much definition according to time and space. (Havemam 1990) defined if as the legal process through which a marriage is dissolved and in a traditional setup it implies that one of the partners was guilty of some transgression in the marriage and that one was at fault. In the past adultery and physical cruelty were only basis for divorce but later a number of others causes has shown the rise of these cases like abandonment habitual drunk ness and mental cruelty. Children from divorced families are nearly five times more likely to suffer and have mental damage than those who live with both parents. This indicates that both parents play an important role in bringing up healthy children. Children who come from broken homes are most likely to have difficulties in life. Children if divorced parents are roughly two or more times likely to drop out of school than their peer who come from intact homes. In the 1990s the divorce in was as low as 7 fails marriage per 1000 marriages. As women increased in the work place and earn a salary, the need to depend on man to earn the daily bread for the family has nearly ceased to exist. With this new found freedom, women no longer have to spend time to think about the consequence of broken homes effect on children and pupils.1.3 STATEMENT OF THE PROLEMThere has been poor performance of pupils from broken homes1.4 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDYThe study will guided by the following objectives;To investigate the effect of broken homes On the performance of pupilsTo investigate on how best the school management can help such pupilsTo find the solution to such effects and how best they can be sustained.1.5 PURPOSE OF THE STUDYThe purpose of this study is to investigate into the effect of broken homes on the performance of pupils and how best they can be helped  and also will helps teachers on how best they can make pupils from broken homes perform batter.1.6 SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDYThis study will be of great help to the ministry of education and to schools as it intends to find solution to the effect of broken homes on pupil’s academic performance. As such pupils from such homes needs help and also deserve to be given opportunity to perform better and at the end to have a good life.

1.7 RESEARCH QUESTIONThe study will answer the following the questions;What are the effects of broken homes on the performance of pupils?How best can such pupils be helped?How best can teachers help such pupils?What could be the long lasting solution to such a problem?1.8 LIMITATION OF THE STUDYThis refers to the draw backs and constraints both theoretical and practical that the researcher will have no control over. The researcher had challenges in access literature due to not enough books present in the libraries and also due to the fact that books are won out and toned.1.9 DELIMITATION OF THE STUDYDue to limited funds, the research will be carried out in one district and that is kawambwa. Only few pupils will selected to participate in this study, the area is more convenient to the researcher as it is his home.1.10 DEFINITION OF KEY TERMSThe following term which has operational meaning in this study has been defined and the following are their meanings;Academic Performance this is how pupils are ranked in terms of educational achievementConflict is the lack of peace in an environment, in this study it means the disagreement or opposition that pupils from broken homes face with their familiesDelinquency thats bad or criminal behaviors shown by pupilsFamily it is a social unity made up of people related by either blood or birth or marriage.Impact this means to have powerful effect on something or someonePupil anybody, child or an adult who has been in rolled in school.Divorce is the legal process through which a marriage is dissolvedBroken homes a family in which one parent is absent, usually due to divorce or desertionHome is own dwelling place. A house were one lives with his familyCHAPTER TWO2.0 LITERATURE REVIEWThe home of a child lays the desired social, moral, emotional, spiritual and intellectual foundation of a child. The family does a lot of things to influence the child among other things include socialization of the child, child care and other things The family is the first child’s First place of contact with the world. The child as a result, acquires initial education and socialization from parents and other significant person in the family. Agulan (2000) pointed out that the family lays the psychological, moral and spiritual foundation in the family Overall development of the child. Structurally the home is either broken or intact, a broken home is in this context the one which is bot structurally intact and in were children are exposed to unconducive environment and also to harsh treatment.

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