Importance of Education
Essay Preview: Importance of Education
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Importance of Education
Importance of Education
Education is very important for our lives. Without education people wouldnt have their high-developed machine and would believe that the Earth is a planet around that all another planets are moving. Why people want to have their high education? As for me I have my reasons why I want to get high education.

First reason I want to get high education is for career purpose. From the early age parents very often tell to their children that education is very important to find a good job. And this is true because if you want to be a doctor or a lower, or an engineer you must have an education. Among my friends in Russia when I was asking them why they wanted to get their high education very often they were telling me that it is necessary to get a good job and to make a good career. I agree with them because I think that it is easier to begin my career not from nothing, but with the experience and all education that I would gain in the University.

Another reason why I want to get high education is because all members in my family have already received their high education. My father has finished the Institute of Technology, and my mother has finished Medical Institute. All my life I was listening from them that it is very important to get high education. When I was trying to pass my exams for the University in Russia my family was very nervous. It looked like that it wasnt me who wanted to get to the university, but the whole family were trying with me to pass all exams. I think that familys support in getting education is very important. At least it was so for me.

Also I want to get my high education because I enjoy studying. All my life I thought that it is very important to be independent and I was trying to be independent since I was a child. I didnt like to ask my parents to help me with my homework and I was sitting with my homework sometimes till late night but I did myself understand that all must be dependent from yourself and not from someone else. I loved to study and in a high school was an excellent student. All my life I have been though that I could almost everything if I would really want. When I needed to learn English to pass my exams to university and my family didnt have enough money to pay for tutoring, I took books in the library and step-by-step began learning language. First I thought that it would be impossible to learn language by myself, but I did it and passed all exams to the university. I learned English not just because I needed it to pass exams in the university but also because I was enjoying study.

High education is very important for me. I want to get my high education for career purpose and for my family. All of that reasons helped me to make right decision and hopefully I will graduate from the university.

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