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/American History
Edict of Nantes
Logan Hoyt
Mr. Duffy
Honors World History
07 May 2017
Edict of Nantes
The Edict of Nantes was a edict that was written a long time ago. It was issued on April 13, 1598, by King Henry IV. The purpose of The Edict of Nantes was to put a temporary stop to the religious wars between Roman Catholics and Protestants which put a lot of damage to France since the 1560s according to Cavendish. The way this Edict will achieve its purpose is everything would be done by which both parties would be able to enjoy the things that there religions brung, without any kind of danger and be able to enjoy worship, and lastly any possessions that are taken from either parties like household goods should be returned (Edict II). Furthermore, the Edict of Nantes show that Catholic Apostolic and Roman Religion are the intended audience of this edict or decree (Edict II). I can refer that the 2 religions had treated each other in hate according to the section IV they treated each other with hate based on the section IV saying,.

“And in order to leave no occasion for troubles or differences between our subjects, we have permitted, and herewith permit, those of the said religion called Reformed to live and abide in all the cities and places of this our kingdom and countries of our sway, without being annoyed,

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