Economic Relationship or Economic Opportunity
Essay Preview: Economic Relationship or Economic Opportunity
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When you say economic opportunity, it means you have an advantageous chance to gain a higher position in the production and consumption of goods and services of a community regarded as a whole while an economic relationship means that you value the connection you have with people and things more than anything. For me, economic relationship is more important than economic opportunity. It is like, without them, you couldnt be able to achieve the goal that you will try to accomplish.

All of us have relations with people and things with sentimental value. Economic relationship is all about how people and things around us will give time, information, money and freedom to us. They could also take those things away from us. So in order for us to be productive in what we do, they support us and be there as an inspiration for us to work hard. Nowadays, I think good relationships are the key to success. Opportunity will come and go. If you dont take the risk, its gone forever. While keeping a good relationship with someone in business could take you far more than you expect where you will be. For instances, the Aquino family has been a part of the government for a lot years, as you can see Noynoy Aquino is currently our president, well I think one of the reason why he is in the government too is because of his parents, Cory Aquino and Ninoy Aquino, left a very remarkable relationship with the Filipinos. Another example is when you own a business and your best friend needs a help, I bet that you will actually help that person to get into your company right away. Then by that acceptance, you are giving your best friend and opportunity to work and earn for a living. Sometimes, in small things, our friends refer us to someone they knew who could help us do our project for a small amount of money than letting some stranger help us to do it with an expensive payment.

Through the examples that I gave, more often relationship comes first before opportunity. In business, without having a relationship to anyone or anything, opportunity is kind of hard to achieve. It is because that helping out each other make both of the parties on the top of the list. The more good friends or business partners you have, the more chances that you will absolutely attain the goals you need or want.

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