Essay Preview: Awesomeness
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T”his is a brief instructable on how to be awesome. Being awesome is not an easy task, and there are many ways and situations to be awesome in. Being awesome is not something you are born with, as in a God giving gift, but its merely something you are because you choose to be. How do I know this you ask? Because Im Awesome silly. Now, lets venture into the world of awesome and see just how far off you are. What does that mean to own life? To own life means that you call the shots. Nobody tells you how it is, they ask you how it is, and if it isnt, you tell them how its going to be. Once you build the confidence to be awesome, you will find yourself walking into every room as if you own it. You wont wait for the bartender to ask what you want, you will look them in the eye and tell them exactly what you want with a swagger that demands it with mutual respect. Remember, people only respect people that intimidate them, or respect them back, and you want the latter. You earn or lose a persons respect the first time you speak with them, so head up, choose youre words wisely, look them in the face, and have it. If you say something stupid or uneducated, then go home, stand in the corner, and think about what youve done.”

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