Essay title: Worms
Earthworm Dissection Purpose: Earthworms, also known as night crawlers are in the phylum Annelida. To learn more about an earthworm, and its external and internal anatomy, would be to participate in an easy earthworm dissection lab. First, it would be beneficial to know simple facts about an earthworm, such as, there are many known species, and earthworms have a closed circulatory system, and can range in size. Earthworms are helpful when it comes to the environment; they play a major role in converting pieces of organic matter into humus, which improves soils fertility. Worms are not only found in soil, but also in bodies of water, manure, or decaying organic matter. Materials: Safety goggles. Apron. Dissection kit. Earthworm Clean working space. A partner. Dissecting tray. Microscope. Microscope slide. Gloves. Lab handouts with vocabulary. Paper Towels. Ziploc Bag. Day One: First, start by clearing off a clean working space, and get all materials needed. Put on safety goggles, gloves, and an apron. Place the earthworm on the dissecting tray ventral side up, and observe the earthworm. Now, make a lateral slit from the mouth to the top of the clitellum, and be sure not to cut towards yourself. After cutting the anterior, pin back the skin to observe the internal anatomy of the earthworm. The crop, gizzard, and ventral nerve cord should be exposed. After studying the open earthworm,

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