Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
Essay Preview: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
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0. Introduction
More than a decade after the fall of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European communist regimes, the international communist movement has been spurned worldwide. The demise of the Chinese Communist Party is only a matter of time.

1. On What the Communist Party Is
This article concerns the impact on the civilization of China of the communist movement and the Communist Party. Looking at the history of Chinas last 160 years, nearly one hundred million people have died unnatural deaths and almost all of the traditional Chinese culture and civilization have been destroyed. What have been the consequences, whether the CCP was chosen by the Chinese or it was imposed on China from the outside?

2. On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party
Why did the Communist Party emerge, grow and eventually seize power in contemporary China? Did the Chinese people choose the Communist Party? Or, did the Communist Party gang up and force Chinese people to accept it? The CCP has set itself above all, conquering all in its path, thereby bringing endless catastrophe to China.

3. On the Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party
Today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)s violence and abuses are even more severe than those of the tyrannical Qin Dynasty. The CCPs philosophy is one of “struggle,” and the CCPs rule has been built upon a series of “class struggles,” “path struggles,” and “ideological struggles,” both in China and toward other nations.

4. On How the Communist Party Is an Anti-Universe Force
In the last hundred years, the sudden invasion by the communist specter has created a force against nature and humanity, causing limitless agony and tragedy. It has also pushed civilization to the brink of destruction. It has become an extremely malevolent force against the universe.

5. On the Collusion of Jiang Zemin with the CCP to Persecute Falun Gong
Why is Falun Gong, which upholds the principles of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” and has been promulgated in over 60 countries worldwide, being persecuted only in China, not anywhere else in the world? In this persecution, what is the relationship between Jiang Zemin and the CCP?

6. On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture
The CCP has devoted the

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