A Day Without Technology
A Long Day Without Technology
If someone told me that I would have to not use technology for a whole day/24 hours/ 1440 minutes/86400 seconds, I would probably have asked them to knock me out unconscious so I could sleep through that unpleasant day. From the moment my alarm clock beeps in the morning to the time I set it at night I am using some type of technology. I couldnt even eat lunch at school without the help of those little machines that complete the payment transaction. Last week I did my best and tried as hard as I could to be free from technology. Obviously, being at college made it nearly impossible, but it was a good experience nevertheless.

After my alarm beeps, its time to get out of bed and take a shower. The lights are necessary so I leave them on. I come out of my shower with soaking wet hair and decide to suck it up and leave the blow dryer in the closet. Its Monday, so I only have two early morning classes, which means I have more time to torment myself. On my way to lunch not listening to music, I realized how far it is getting from class to the cafeteria. My friend and I get to lunch wondering if I should just pay cash or by credit card, while my friend mocks me and asks if I am sure I want to give in to the technology demon. On my way out I contemplate whether or not texting is too technologically advanced for me to use. I decide that it isnt because I am waiting for a text from a cute girl I kind of like. As I walk to class I see people sitting down on tables and benches occupied with their laptops and phones, while others walk to their classes with earphones on. Some students look like they’re doing their homework, some surfing the web, while others trying to kill time before their next class.

On Mondays, I have business and my professor lectures with the help of PowerPoint. Since there is no way I can copy notes from just listening to the professor I once again must give in to the device such as a projector, an IPad, and his IPhone. On the way back from class my friend and I cut through the Dresher Hall building to make our trip shorter to the bus stop. It isnt until I am through the door that I realize the doors are handicapped manageable and automatic. Its amazing the little things we take for granted. When I get back home, automatically the first thing I do is flick on the lights. I then shake my head and turn them on. I then proceed to my laptop to see if anyone has emailed me which I should have on my phone. The notifications are flashing but you guessed it, I have to check it! I tell my brother that this sucks and jump into bed. Unfortunately, I must set my alarm or else Ill never wake up.

The phone wakes me up around four oclock. I look around the room and since neither of my brothers are there I decide that its safe to answer the phone. (If no one is there to see me, no one can know!) What a waste,

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