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Running head: E-MARKETING
E-Marketing has long been thought of as a way to appeal to a consumers wants and needs, physical and emotional, spiritually and aesthetically through the internet. It is a way many believe to attract a potential buyer for a product that you as the seller want to sell. Over the years since the introduction of e-commerce the methods and theories about e-marketing have grown immensely in dynamics. Marketing is made up of four Ps which include product, price, promotion, and place. Product is a key component to the marketing strategy because without a product the other three ps will not come into existence. Product can be marketed many different ways but one key way is to market it by creating a brand. Creating a brand and then pushing that brand helps to solidify in the mind of the consumer the value and reliability of the product for sale. While marketing brands is important it is also important to remember that there are many avenues in which to sell a product to include the international market. There are certain standards and rules that apply for this type of marketing and many business could prosper in the international markets with the right strategy. In the end E-marketing and E-commerce will struggle without new technology and new ways to get the message to the masses. One such way is through the introduction of the tablet as a resource for both marketer and consumer alike. The tablet has provided many advantages to both and will continue to open doors today, tomorrow, and in the future.

When it comes to marketing whether in the real world or in the electronic world, few can argue that marketing is organized into four essential parts, better known as the “four Ps”, product, price, promotion, and place (Schneider, P.165). While price, promotion, and place are all important aspects in the marketing plan the first thing any business has to have to sell is the product. “Product is the physical item or service that a company is selling. The intrinsic characteristics of the product are important, but customers perceptions of the product, called the products brand, can be as important as the actual characteristics of the product” (Schneider, P.165-166). In an article titled “Top 10 digital luxury marketers of Q2” the author focused tremendously on how “brands” affect the marketing of a product and the subsequent success or failure that this marketing approach may have. “Luxury brands used digital efforts with a variety of goals in mind during the second quarter of this year, but it is certain that email, the Web and social media are imperative to a modern marketing plan. Ultimately, these efforts can strengthen a 360-degree brand message” (www.luxurydaily.com). This quote taken directly from the article merely strengthens the idea that marketing concepts focused on brand images can and will be extremely successful if handled with care and precision. “Aston Martin – British automaker Aston Martin chose digital to market its new Vanquish model and saw a more than 100 percent increase in visitors to its Web site from social media channels among users in Germany, the United States and its home country. The digital campaign that spanned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Aston Martin Web site began June 20 and centered on a digital car configurator, images and a video. Aston Martin recorded June 20-22 as its three highest traffic days on its global Web site at

(www.luxurydaily.com). When one reads the above statement from this article it is clear to see the success that a firm or company can have by focusing on brand image and then utilizing it to drive marketing throughout the sales segment it is focused on reaching. There were numerous companies discussed in this article to include Cartier, Dolce & Gabanna, Harrods, Jimmy Choo, Lexus, and Oscar de la Renta to name a few. All of these companies as described by the article focused on brand images utilizing such outlets as Facebook, the U.S. Open golf tournament, Twitter, and YouTube to help in their respective marketing approach (www.luxurydaily.com). All of the before mentioned companies showed new life in their marketing campaigns and with this new life all of them expect to see the same results that Aston Martin had.

While E-Marketing has become an important asset to many companies in the United States it is also an important instrument in the reaching of the international audience as well. It is not just about marketing to a brand image, although, as previously discussed this can be a successful technique. However, in the international market there is a different approach to marketing electronically.

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