Kuo-Pin Chang & Graham E-Business Case
Essay Preview: Kuo-Pin Chang & Graham E-Business Case
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Kuo-Pin Chang & Graham, G. (2012) sustain under their publication in the International Journal of Electronic Business Management that the e-business could fit in a strategy and must support corporate strategy objectives and supply chain management strategies and also set strength to competitive advantages. Their findings also conclude that the use of e-business systems can reduce operational cost and time, improving in the same way business profitability and customer services. In other words, e-business could be considered more as responsiveness maker that a response itself.

Regarding operational views Perrott, Bruce E. (2006) stands that e-business must have a strategic implication only when there is an opportunity in order to improve business operation effectiveness. This thin line force when the companies have a chance to obtain cost benefits or saves related to doing electronic transactions; marketing moves due competitive pressure or market advantage by electronic connections; and its quest to build a customer satisfaction on electronic development.

Epstein, M.J. (2005) with a marketing vision of it, sustains a third view of e-business explaining how to implement a successful initiative. He explains that an e-business operation could be consistent with the overall corporate strategy, which may involve some strategic objectives taking the company to a new dimension. These efforts should include for example, the creation of an online brand making the firm known worldwide.

In addition, Svatošová, V. (2013) also give us a marketing slant in this discussion but turning to a vision within the corporate strategy that it is used to create a functional strategy thus create a marketing strategy that also explain the start of concepts new dimension starting over on a e-market and its e-strategy that lead an e-marketing.

Until now, I have tried to explain the shape that forms an e-business inside the scope of the company and how it could change drastically the firm aims. However, I must to explain another link in this discussion. In my experience as a customer, I always want a companys approach to what I really need or want in a particular moment. This can be solve easily with the e-business because in my case I prefer to buy things that I need sitting in my comfortable chair and that is where this links begin and where the manager must seek answers and trends. We have talked about that indispensable relationship between both sides and how profitable could be the results. For example, Amazon.com turn in to a company where customers can find and discover anything they may want to buy online (Keblis, Matthew F., 2006) and succeeded in part of their Customer Service Operations (CSO) with the objective to maintain long-term relationship with clients encourage them to return to the web page and keep purchasing. They do not disconnect from their customers, which meant to become in one

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