Is Duddy Karvitz And Anti-Hero?
Essay Preview: Is Duddy Karvitz And Anti-Hero?
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March 27th Is Duddy Kravitz an Anti-Hero ?
Matt. P
Duddy Kravitz very clearly posseses many characteristics that
qualify him as an
anti-hero. During the novel Duddy succeeds on several occasions with nothing
but dumb
luck. Duddy on many occasions even makes horrible mistakes, and yet he
still manages
to land on both feet and sometimes even to come out ahead of the game.
Duddy takes a job waiting tables at a hotel, it・s there he meets
Linda and Irwin,
after Linda asks Duddy about roulette Duddy pretends to be an expert on the
game and
agree・s to finance some a game for her. Duddy is devistated to learn that
Linda and Irwin
are swindling him and that the roulette machine is fixed, Duddy loses almost
all of his
money. After the roulette scandle Irwin and Linda return Duddy・s money
and many of the people at the hotel donate money to Duddy when they learn
about his
loss. Even though Duddy made a fatal error trusting Linda he still manages
to find
success through dumb luck.
Duddy also believes that ・ A man without land is nothing・. On Duddy
and Yvette・s
first date, Yvette takes Duddy to a seemingly random piece of land near the
hotel. It is on
this date where Duddy finds his land, the land that he will strive to own
for the rest of the
novel. If Yvette had taken Duddy anywhere else on this date than Duddy・s
life could
have been very different, because owning this piece of land his what pushes
almost beyond his endurance. That piece of land is responsible for all of
his successes in
the novel.
After Duddy discovers the land he immediately starts looking for

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