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MISSION: The driving principal of Ode Air Blended Learning is to help solve English communication problems by improving English skills with valued world class business books.

HOW IT WORKS: By engaging into world-class business books. This approach increases and improves reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The Speaking skill is the priority and most practiced.

METHODOLOGY: A blended learning method is a mixture of different approaches, techniques, and methods that are applied to transmit specific information.

MARKET: The service of education in Chile appeals to discourage busy professionals and many of them do not have time to lose. For this reason, Ode Air Blended Learning promotes its service through targeting industries and private corporations. By providing service this way it will expand marketing activities through strategic alliances as well as partnership with universities and public academic organizations.

MANAGEMENT TEAM: At the moment it is just the founder of Ode Air Blended Learning, Ricardo Ode.
COMPETITORS: It is crowded and the market environment is highly competitive. Ode Air Blended Learning rivals are all services of languages to name a few CORFO and Open English. However, Ode Air Blended Learning competitions follow methodologies that do not embrace nor incorporate world class business books. The teachers just follow a program that has been proven dull and non beneficial for customers in the long run. Ode Air Blended Learning creates values and long term learning.

PRICING STRATEGY: Ode Air Blended Learning is priced below competition, which puts it in position that companies can take a chance on. However, Ode Air Blended Learning pricing positions itself as a first class service and authentic English world class business management

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