Strategic Business Plan 2014-2019
DREAMS HOUSING CORPORATION       [pic 1]STRATEGIC PLAN 2014-2019PREAMBLE: DREAMS launched its strategic planning process in the fall of 2014 as a participatory, iterative engagement of its Board and senior leadership. DREAMS has identified long-term goals and a series of strategic initiatives that are essential to its future success. This plan is a five-year road map for the DREAMS Board and staff as they continue to grow the company’s leadership as a producer and owner of affordable housing opportunities, particularly in a resource-constrained environment.FUNDAMENTALS OF DREAMS HOUSING CORPORATION:Mission Statement: DREAMS Housing Corporation strengthens communities by developing, owning and managing high-quality, affordable homes for working families and seniors.Vision Statement:DREAMS strengthens communities and creates opportunities for working families and seniors, beginning but not ending with housing. DREAMS is a leader and innovator in the mission-driven business of effective production, operation and ownership of affordable and mixed-income housing. DREAMS earns the highest degree of customer satisfaction from all stakeholders, including residents, neighbors, investors, taxpayers, private- and public-sector partners, and employees. DREAMS is the go-to developer and owner for public officials, investors and communities seeking an array of housing solutions, and it delivers results. Core Values:Strive for excellence. Act with integrity and honesty – constantly strive to uphold the highest professional standards. Results-oriented – take responsibility for defining and achieving ambitious, measurable goals. Committed to mission – persevere in the face of challenges, seek resources to ensure the best outcomes and work toward successful outcomes. Accountable for actions – assume responsibility for company, team and individual performance. Respectful of the rights and dignity of others – accept people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experience. Have compassion for others and work to improve their lives. BACKGROUND: Process & Strategic plan purpose:Five years ago, DREAMS Housing began as a practical solution to a growing problem, and it set the trajectory for the affordable housing industry by producing large volumes of high-quality, affordable homes in New Jersey.

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