Nfl Case Analysis
Happy Sunday Everybody,
Believe it or not, we arent far away from the start of the NFL season. The Giants and Cowboys kick off from New York on Wednesday, September 5, with a full slate of games just 5 Sundays away. Id like to cement the date a couple of dates for the league. First, we need to finalize the date I need keepers, and secondly, our draft date.

Before we get to those dates, a few notes. Id like to welcome Gordon Bell, who will be joining us this year. Secondly, we will be keeping ESPN as our site this year. I have updated our league page. If you have any care for the way scoring works, take a look at it before the draft date. I have made a few adjustments, including making scoring fractional (1 yard = 0.1 points). Anyways, it is all there, so take a look. League entry fee this year is $150.

DRAFT DATE:  With opening day on September 5, Id like to have the draft on Sunday, August 26. Id be glad to host it at my apartment in Simsbury, CT, or we can do the Buffalo Wild Wings thing again. Let me know your feedback. It would be great to have as many people present as possible.

KEEPER DATE: Gordon will have the option of picking up any players that we choose not to keep. He will lose the subsequent draft pick if he chooses to pick up a player. For example, if I choose not to hold onto Stevie Johnson, he can choose to pick him up and he would lose a 5th round pick. I drafted Johnson in the 6th. In order to give Gordon some time to do this and to give me time to set rosters, you must let me know your 3 keepers by Sunday, August 19th. Remember, you can keep up to 3 players – so you can choose to keep 0 if you wish and hold onto all of your draft picks. Please email me your keepers anytime between now and the 19th.

KEEPER CONFUSION: If you have two players who were drafted in the same

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