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Story telling and reading has been a part of my life since I was two years old. Reading has been one of the most influential things in my life. I connect to every story I read, and each book makes an impact on my life. Whether Im reading magazines, novels, or poetry, I always notice the imagery and picture everything Im reading in my head. After each book I read, my style changes, and the type of reader I am has evolved throughout the years.

Before I started reading on my own, my father used to make up bedtime stories to tell me. Every night, I would make him repeat the same story until I could recite it back to him. This was my own form of reading before I could actually read. The first book I read was with my mother when I was about three years old. Every night before I went to bed, we would read one page of “The Cat in the Hat” until I read the whole page. We did this every night until I read the whole book without a stutter. “The Cat in the Hat” will always be the most memorable book from my childhood and my favorite. I also remember enjoying “Green eggs and ham” and the Amelia Bedelia series. Dr. Seuss was definitely my favorite author as a child and his writing affected my writing style today.

Now, my favorite genre to read is mystery. I enjoy suspense, I enjoy twists, and I love the feeling of figuring something out before its revealed. I also find teen novels entertaining because theyre normally dramatic and emotional. Reading them is a great way to disconnect from the real world. If a title captures my attention I normally buy the book, and give it a try. I dont like reading the blurb because it gives away the climax of the book. The last three books I read were “Animal Farm”, “The Book Thief” and “Lord of the Flies”. I read these books because it was on my summer reading list. They dont fall under my favorite genre, but the stories were still interesting and I enjoyed reading them. It exposed me to a different style of writing and expanded my writing skills.

Magazines are my guilty pleasure. Tabloids are often exaggerated and wrong, but I still enjoy gossip and keeping up with celebrities. While Im reading, I must be in a peaceful environment. I get distracted very easily and if I were in an environment that was noisy, I wouldnt absorb whats happening in the book. I must be totally focused while reading so I often tend to read in my bed before I sleep. Even if Im not reading something serious, and Im just reading a tabloid, I still cant be disturbed. The best feeling is when I am absorbed into a book and Im not aware of my surroundings, but to get that feeling, I need to be in a certain setting.

Something that always stands out to me in books is the imagery. I am a very visual person and I can picture every detail thats given to me. The setting of a story is very important to me because it helps me understand the character better. When I first start reading a book, Im very attentive. I create the world thats described to me, picture the characters that are given, and try and imagine life in this book. Part of the reason that I make such strong connections with books is because I have such a vivid image of what life would be like in the

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