Why and How Learning Styles Matter
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Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Patient Ken Harrison
Staff Sister Anderson
Kay Saddler
Dr Scott
Dr Emerson
Mrs Boyle
Questions for Act I
p.1-3 Ken, Kay, and Sister
What are the nurses doing to Ken?
How does he speak to them? Why? Give some examples.
What is the matter with Ken?
What are Kens prospects? (fremtidsudsigter)
Why must Kay not use the past tense with Ken? (bruge datid)
Why does Ken like Kay so much?
p.3-4 Ken & John
Ken and John are talking about gardening (“trim the lawn, beds and borders, fertilizer, plant, vineyard, pruning and bedding out, the head gardener”), explain what they mean in your own words. Translate if necessary.

“The visitation of the Gods”, what is Ken talking about? Why does he talk this way?
Explain what Ken is saying about Terence?
Ken says, “I like steel bands….making something out of scrap….”. What is he referring to?
p.4-5 Ken & Dr Scott
Give some examples of how Ken behaves with Dr Scott?
“..he will sweep in like Zeus from Olympus..”. What is Ken talking about?
Explain what Ken is saying about the mountain and the mouse, what has this got to do with his own situation?
Explain the pun (ordspil) on “limited”.
What is Dr Scotts attitude to her colleague, Dr Emerson?
What is your impression of Ken so far?
p.5-7 Ken & Kay
What are Ken and Kay talking about? How does Ken speak to Kay?
What does Ken say about the professionalism of the hospital staff? Is he right?
p.7-8 Ken, Dr Emerson & Dr Scott
What does Dr Emerson tell Ken?
Give some examples of the way Dr Emerson speaks to Ken?
Is Dr Emerson doing the right thing telling Ken the truth?
What is your impression of Dr Emerson?
p.8 Dr Emerson & Dr Scott
What has Dr Scott prescribed for Ken? Why?
Why does Dr Emerson want to move Ken as soon as possible?
p.8-9 Ken & Dr Scott, Sister
What is Kens attitude to tranquillizers?
Why does he suggest that Dr Scott should eat the tablet?
Is he doing the right thing in refusing to take the tranquillizer?
Explain the pun on “tablet”?
p.10-11 Kay & John, Sister
What is going on between Kay and John?
What does John say about people like Ken Harrison and African children?
What do you think of Johns

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