Dr. Pepper 10 Case
Dr. Pepper 10
Dr. Pepper 10 is said to be a drink only for men and it makes the male species stronger than the females says a recent commercial explaining this chaos. Scholes would believe this as cultural reinforcement. Meaning that you have to do what makes you happy. This commercial explains that women are allowed only to drink “romantic drinks” such as wine, etc. Others might think that both genders can drink Dr. Pepper 10. This commercial explains the concepts of strength and courage of a warrior.

In this recent commercial describes Dr. Pepper 10 as a drink for strong men and allows the man to get through his obstacles with just a sip. In this commercial, the man who is said to be a warrior fights his way through the jungle against his enemies with his strength and courage. The Dr. Pepper 10 gives him the strength to fight snakes, jump off cliffs, land perfectly inside a moving vehicle, and gave the strength for the man to throw the Dr. Pepper 10 can directly at a net to allow falling on the enemy. This Dr. Pepper 10 commercial is aiming towards an audience of men with strength and courage. To have strength, you have to have the traits to fight through any obstacle. To get into the situation you are in, you have to do what you believe is right and how you feel. This warrior probably grew up wanting to be a soldier and succeeded to become one and to become the soldier he is today, he drank Dr. Pepper 10. Courage became a big role. Yes, strength is needed to become a warrior, but to become a warrior you have to have the courage to become one. If you are mentally too weak, you will fail. You need to push yourself with courage. The commercial demonstrates that only men have this trait of having the strength and courage to be successful.

Scholes essay is best described as telling the people in-depth of what a commercial is trying to reveal. Scholes recognizes an ump as a middle class African American citizen who is not very successful who finds himself in the game of baseball and reaches his satisfaction of being a professional. To become this successful, the African American had to go through many obstacles. If the commercial had a Caucasian man in the commercial, seeing him being successful at the end and celebrating would be totally different. The fact that an African American is the main character symbolizes that “anyone” can reach greatness, no matter what race or what gender. At the end of the Budweiser commercial the gentlemen who hired the ump is celebrating with him at a bar. To reach your satisfaction, you get what you deserve. A successful life, in which this ump is fulfilling this.

In the commercial Dr. Pepper 10, I can relate this last scene from Scholes essay to when the warrior fought off the enemies and landed in a vehicle. In the vehicle was a gentleman who was dressed nice and seemed as if he was a businessman. This guy could of and probably

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