The Development of the New Testament Canon
The Development of the New Testament Canon
A New Testament Research Project
Presented to
Dr. T. Grizzle
School of Theology and Ministry
Oral Roberts University
In Partial Fulfillment ‎
Of the Requirements for the Course
GBIB 571, New Testament Synthesis
Bethany L. Hinton
April 15, 2011‎
Historical Events Leading to the New Testament Canon
The Documents
The Necessity of a Canon
Marcion Heresy
The Church Fathers
Criteria for Inclusion in the Canon
‎ Official Recognition
Final Thoughts
Rare is the pastor, teacher, or evangelist who has not been asked the simple, yet profound ‎question, “Where did the Bible come from?” Perhaps those doubting their faith have asked, ‎‎”How do we know we can trust the Bible?” Dangerously, many have gotten half-information at ‎best and misinformation at worst on the subject of the canonization of Scripture. Many of these ‎questions, in the Christian world, do not center on the Old Testament but the New Testament. ‎Perhaps this doubt stems from its (relative) young age (around 1,900-2000 years old) or perhaps ‎the stigma associated with the word “New”. Regardless, the issues related to authority and ‎canonization are ever-present in regards to the New Testament. As McDonald so clearly stated:‎

No credible person today seriously believes that the Bible fell out of heaven fully ‎bound in its current state with gilded edges and with a highly precise ‎interpretation from God in it.‎

This immediately presents a problem as to the

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