Chosen Company: Double Fusion Inc.
Chosen Company: Double Fusion Inc.
Chosen Company: Double Fusion Inc.
Every Entrepreneur establishes and estimate opportunities while aiming to find one that suits their capabilities and interests. With no doubt in order to start a new venture, good opportunities and right timing are essentials, anticipates a result to supply independence and a decent economic return. Double Fusion was founded in Jerusalem, an in-game content system and advertising company, which has made their potential opportunity to a now worldwide leading independent provider of in-game advertising. They started in 2004 to develop a powerful in-game content update system, which enables game developers to dynamically change elements of their game. Later on, in 2005, they realized that there were expanding potential in their project, putting advertisements into games, which was beneficial to Double Fusion and game publishers. Now, Double Fusion has offices all around the world, including Jerusalem, San Francisco, London, New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Starting a successful new venture is not easy. To be able to identify the opportunity, apply it on one’s skills; making the right decision on the right time and being able to take it to potential investors and customers are all the beginning of a successful new venture. Mr Hillel Rom, the founder of Double fusion recognized that in-game advertisement is a new way of advertisement that enables marketers to introduce their products and brand messages, in graphic formats inside the games, as he realised that the gaming industry rises hugely in development and the fact there are millions of gamers worldwide, he then chose the right opportunity on the accurate timing, developing his idea to a successful business.

Advertisement takes an important part in ay business, a way to attract customers to raise profit and a way to build up the reputation etc. In order to fulfil or reach this aim, media technology companies are needed. However, the usual way of advertising is becoming more competitive than ever, resulting that the desired results may not be reached. For example, advertisements on TV or radio are so common and frequent, that many people tend to overhear or oversee it. However, advertisements in video games have started their breakthrough. In addition, through other media (TV, radio etc) advertisers pay for the time their advertisements are seen, whereas in a video game, it is not possible to measure the actual time spending. Due to the fact that many household own gaming consoles and the number of gamers increases intensively, Double Fusion has started their business in a good timing by offering publishers, game developers, advertisers and media buyers their new program of advertising. Double Fusion allows advertisers to connect with the public through varies dynamic advertising opportunities such as billboards, banners, signs, the product being displayed in the game while interaction and other 2D and 3D possibilities which has anything to do with gaming. Double Fusion is always striving forward with their opportunities by evaluating constantly for other possible opportunities, which is very important for one company in order to expand their company. Being able to see where and when the window of opportunity is always positive to a company, since if succeeding, it means they not only stabilized the economics of opportunity but also made themselves a unique sustainable value proposition and being in competitive advantage in the industry.

Double Fusion received $10million in backing up from venture capital firms, led by Accel Partners and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and also there was additional funding from Jerusalem Capital. Due to his fast success, and the need of relocating his head office from Jerusalem to San Francisco, Double Fusion received another $5 Million in venture capital financing from Accel and JVP. Throughout the two years, Double Vision has won its trust by being partners Midway, THQ, Joyzone, Trilogy Studios, Rebellion Studios, Team 6, and a number of other players across the PC, console and online game segments. It is said that in the near future they will increase the connections with more partners, publishers and other strategic partners. The main technology feasibility of Double Fusion provides a set of tools, designed by game developers, game publishers and advertisements to ease the progress of advertising in-games, more control over the in-game advertising for game publishers, tools for game developers with an easy to use tool, which enables for definition of various types of ads into the game.

Double Fusion Inc. addresses his opportunities by transforming interactive games into a medium to effective advertising, which gives advertisers better entry to critical audiences, to gain revenues, profits, while leading business with game industries. Due to the fact that all the founders, staff and team are

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