Era of Accountability
Era of Accountability
To be a teacher is to be a leader, role model, and a professional. You have to have ability and focus on what is to be done. The standards change almost every year. And most of this revolves around a person becoming certified changes led to what we know today as the “No Child Left Behind Act”. In the new age of teaching you have to be able to with stand the focus of the era of accountability, and make sure that you are able to perform on the level in which they require.

The character of a teacher also plays a part in teaching field. Once the teacher crosses the doorway of the school they become more than just the teacher. A teacher is more to the student; they become role models for most of the student. Someone they trust and acknowledge as a person who will help them succeed in making it to the next level. As a role model you also have to be sensitive, but remain in character. To ensure that the student are learning and comprehending what is being taught.

In an era of accountability teachers are put under great scrutiny. Many schools change the way the classrooms are taught. Schools looked for teachers to be sensitive, dependable, flexible, as well as qualified. Because schools have guidelines of the state and government to follow, more pressure has been placed upon the teachers. This makes it more challenging and more interesting for the teacher as well as for the students. It helps idolize time and the material.

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