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June: Main character, well spoken and smart (Asian)
Hailey: Junes best friend, also well spoken and smart (Australian)
Ali: The big and macho character that likes June (Middle Eastern)
Alana: Haileys friend, Junes enemy
Dominic: One of people in the play who is just plain funny
Mr Milletti: The teacher
This play is set in Picnic Point, Sydney. The school that is mentioned in the play is Picnic Point High School.
SCENE 1: [Hailey, Alana and June are lying on the grass in the school yard, while school yard dummies are playing around]
Alana: [sighs] Ive got so much to do, it feels as if the work keeps coming.
Hailey: Yeah, I know how you feel. Ive got three assignments and an essay due on Wednesday.
Alana: [shocked] Damn and I thought I had it bad, [speech now directed at June] I bet you dont find it hard.
June: [angered voice] Whats that supposed to mean?
Alana: It means that youre a nerd.
June: O really now.
Alana: Yeah.
June: Is that right.
[June lashes out at Alana and grabs her hair]
Alana: Let go of me now.
[Alana manages to break free from June]
June: If you touch me
Alana: What are you going to do call Asian Pride to get me?
June: Oh, you racist bitch.
[Dominic walks up to Alana, Hailey and June]
Dominic: Woah, catfight [mimics cat yelp], FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT.
Hailey: Stop it Dom, and break up the fight.
[Dominic gets knocked unconscious while trying to break up the fight]
Hailey: See what your stupid little fight did!
Alana: She started it.
June: Yeah right. [Sarcastic voice]
[June and Alana having a stare off, all the dummies come to watch, which are held by the real characters]
June: Ok, truce…
Alana: Hahaha, you broke the stare I win.
June: [childish voice] Im not inviting you to my birthday party.
[June runs away crying] [School bell rings all characters exit]
SCENE 2: [All of the students in the classroom]
Mr Milletti: Hello everyone, how are the assignments going?
[Mixed responses from all students]
Mr Milletti: Ok, today were learning about parabolas.
[Groans from students]
Mr Milletti: Does anyone know anything about them?
June: Yes, they are a form of arch defined by a moving point that remains equidistant from a fixed point inside the arch and a moving point along a line.

Alana: [loud voice] I TOLD YOU SHE WAS A NERD
[Dominic laughing]
Ali: [angered voice] Hey stooge, knock it off before I come over there and knock you two out.
[Dominic quiet and frightened]
Mr Milletti: [angered voice] HEY, you two one more word and youre both going to the principals office.
Ali: [speech directed at June] Are you ok?
June: Yeah Im ok, Ill live with it.
Ali: No you wont, you dont have to. Youve got to stick up for yourself. But hey if anyone ever hurts you just come and tell me.
June: Thanks.
Hailey: [whispering to June] I think he likes you.
June: Really.
Hailey: Yeah, Ive never seen him stick up for someone like that.
[Mr Milletti talking in the background]
Mr Milletti: [sighs] Is anyone listening?
[Whole class replies NO]
Mr Milletti: Ok seeing as your not learning anything from me you may as well break up into your assignment groups and try and get some of it done.
Hailey: June, Ive got an idea. Do you have your mobile phone?
June: Yeah.
Hailey: Then prank call Alanas mum right now and tell her that Alanas pregnancy test is back.
[June calling Alana on mobile, talking to Alanas mother]
[School bell rings]
Mr Milletti: Ok everyone you may go and remember those assignments are due in on Wednesday.
[All students walking out of classroom]
SCENE 3: [All students on school bus going home]
Ali: [singing] Awimoweh, awimoweh, awimoweh, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a wimowamoweh, in the jungle, the mighty jungle…
Dominic: Man stop singing your wrecking the song.
[Everyone laughing except Ali]
Ali: [sarcastic voice] Hahahahah, man your so funny Im cracking up inside.
Dominic: Dont laugh too hard. [Sarcastic voice]

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