The Dominant Sex
The Dominant Sex
There are many arguments on the dominance between the sexes, males and females. Males have strength on their side, but in the world today strength is not as important as it used to be. Intelligence is the more dominant trait that a person can hold to there advantage, so it is more of an equal playing field now. There are feminists that have many principles on why they feel that females should be dominant or equal now, and why they feel sometimes males are incompetent. Males are not incompetent though, they do much more than some feminists give them credit for.

There is one definite factor in how males are there for females and help them in one of their most needed of times. When a female gets pregnant she is temporarily vulnerable, and the male is there to keep the income coming in while she is out of work. Without the male she would go into financial debt, and possibly be trying to dig herself out of that hole the rest of her life. I know there are many incidents when the male isn’t there for one reason or the other, but most of the time he is.

There are many jobs that require brains over bronze these days. Some don’t though, there are still a few jobs out there where you still need strength. A lot of these jobs may not seem significant. These jobs really are significant though, they accomplish every day necessities. Like the furniture your sitting in. That may not have been hard to move in if your on the first floor. If you are on a second or higher floor then that would take a lot of effort to get up there. Working the dock at some truck places is also a job that requires strength. This job requires you to move parts or equipment off of trucks, put them on

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