Domestic Violence
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Domestic ViolenceMichelle R. GordonDeVry University          Domestic violence is an important issue in our society. Domestic violence can include parents, siblings, elders, spouses and children being abused. Domestic violence can be physical or verbal.           There are counselors for the victims and the abusers involved in domestic violence. The abusers, if or when caught, are generally incarcerated. The judges will recommend that they receive counseling before and after their release. The victims are also recommended counseling in these cases.          Children who grow up in a home with domestic violence are also candidates of counseling. Statistics show that some children who grow up seeing this behavior will either become an abuser or become a victim. Domestic violence is sometimes considered a learned behavior.          Domestic violence is a topic that most people are not aware of .They do not know the signs to look for or where to get help if they do see the signs. Statistics show that some victims have been hospitalized. Some have even ended up dead. In my essay, I am going to give you some information on some of the signs of domestic violence, where to go for help should you see the signs or if you are in the situation yourself and some statistical information on domestic violence.          I grew up in a home full of domestic violence as a child. I was afraid to tell anyone, I learned to hide it well. My father, the abuser, was a good, hard working man and nobody would have believed me, so I thought. As I grew older, I found myself in abusive relationships. I had a friend who saw the signs and came to my rescue. She had been abused also. She knew what to watch for. I am grateful for her, she may have saved my life. I am still in counseling and getting help so I do not make being an abuser or a victim a learned behavior. I want to speak out to others and let them know what to watch for. They could be saving someone’s life by knowing this information.

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