Marital Problems
Growing up everyone dreams of getting married and living happily ever after. Many of those happily ever after marriages are end in divorce. There are several reasons why couples do not stay together. Communication is one factor, abuse, financial problems and cheating are other issues that are lead couples to divorce.

One reason for divorce is a lack of communication. When people cant find time out of their busy schedules to communicate to one another it will affect them. If personal issues cant be discussed their feeling are bottled up inside and they will be unable to solve their problems. Eventually, they will start resenting each other. When couples cannot communicate effectively the marriage will fail.

Marriages fail due to financial stress. This can be the root of all problems. A couple needs to sit down and talk about their financial situation, their spending habits and if they are sharing equal responsibility. Years ago women depended on their spouse financially; the men were the bread winners and the wives were stay at home moms with no careers. The relationship will start to build tension; it may lead into stress, or no communication; maybe yelling at one another. These outcomes may start to determinate a marriage and wind up with a divorce.

Raising children can also put a strain on a marriage. Parents tend to argue a lot about disciplining the children. Children need nurturing; they need guidance and a lot of support. They need the support from both parents; unfortunately that isnt always what they get. While one parent may have to work all day the other is building a stronger bond with the child. This may cause a spouse to become jealous and think that his/her relationship and needs are pushed to the back burner. This can create a lack of communication; which in turn may cause resentment and end in a divorce.

Domestic violence is becoming another main reason for divorce. Women

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