Dolphin Slaughter
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Dolphin Slaughtering
We have seen the dolphin commerce dramatically change in the years. It all began with Richard OBarry training dolphins for the show Flipper( The Guardian). The mass production of dolphins being sent to all over the country has risen severely since then; however. the worst for dolphin slaughtering is in Taiji, Japan. Around 23,000 a year are killed from September to March. And we dont know how far it will get or how it will be by then.

There are two different points to every side, the pros and cons. These dolphins being sent all over the world for amusement purposes is immoral and selling their deadly mercury meat is treacherous for anybodys health; however, the Japanese are behind this 100%. The Japanese regime is preventing any exposure to the press about the dolphin slaughter. Not only are they doing that but also they are corrupting the International Whaling Committee (WIC), which that committee are suppose to protect the marine mammals all over the earth (The Cove); since the mammals cant defend themselves. In other words, as vicious as the view may seem to us, the Japanese consider their slaughter the same as North Americans do when they kill cows for their meat, also how Americans kill for sports and games.

In the documentary The Cove was the perspective view of animal activists. It shows how Richard OBarry came about to change the world view and to free captivate marine-mammals. However, what they truly touched base upon was how in this silent place in Taiji, Japan, the local Japanese fisherman were killing dolphins left and right like it was their nature to do so. The camera crew of the documentary The Cove captured footage which shows in graphic detail the disgracefully vicious catch-and-slaughter method that is skilled by fishermen in Taiji and how they try to cover it up.

This documentary has made me see a new perspective; there were several scenes that were extremely disturbing. The water bright red as the Christian Louie Vuitton heel bottoms, which was the dolphins blood, fading away slowly and painfully into the bottom of the sea, the fishermen walking over them like they were a piece of sidewalk. I wanted to close my eyes shut. At this point I felt disappointed with myself. How deceitful I am about how the fishermen go on killing dolphins, when I myself will be sitting for lunch and dinner eating some kind of meat.

An argument I would like to bring upon is that people around the world should not go to marine-mammal enterprise that keep captive dolphins or other animals in such. For years, animal rights activists and citizens have disputed the hunt that Japanese have done for years, killing around 23,000 dolphins a year. The release of the documentary has helped a little

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