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Do you know what this ball is? It is a dodge ball. I would like to introduce dodge ball which is the topic of my speech. I love playing dodge ball. I have been playing dodge ball for two years. Dodge ball is a sport that players attack opposing teams player with a ball. The members of the opposing team should avoid the attack. The objective is to eliminate the players of opposing team as many as possible by attacking them with a ball or catching the ball they throw. It is a team sport with modified rules. Since this sport is not very popular, it does not exist in the international sport competitions. Many people think that dodge ball is just an entertainment. Actually, it is strategically. Now, I would like to tell you the equipment, skills and my experience of teaching dodge ball. This will help you know how I enjoy playing this sport. Now, let me begin with my first point.

Firstly, when playing dodge ball, we should have enough equipment and preparations. For example, we need to have enough balls, an appropriate sized court and wear comfortable uniform. The number of dodge balls used in the game is approximate 3-10. Our classmate Ticki said that the size of a dodge ball is similar to that of volleyball. They are mainly made of rubber so they are soft. If it is attacked someones head, he or she would not be so painful. Dodge ball games are usually played in stadium or open area since there is no standard dodge ball court until now. Similar to the court, there is no typical uniform. Clothing materials should be sweat-absorbent and comfortable with a pair of running shoes that protect the ankles and avoid injuries.

My second point is skills. They are offensive and defensive skills. For the former part, we usually practice this skill by throwing a ball 9 meters apart. According to player rule book from International Dodge ball Federation, the distance between inner count and outer count is at least 9 meters. In order to throw such a far distance, we should ensure that throwing a ball with sufficient force and a proper position. When throwing a ball, hand, arm and waist should pull backward. Sometimes, we should learn how to fool our opponents and fake our throws. For defensive skills, we should practice catching skill. When a ball is throwing towards us, we should extend our arms and try to receive the ball. We should criticize the flowing ball whether we should receive or not. Sometimes, we should think of some new strategies and ideas to avoid being hit.

My last point is my experience of teaching dodge ball. As I am an instructor of dodge ball under Hong Kong Dodge ball Association, I have an obligation to promote and teach dodge ball. I have taught some secondary school students to play dodge ball. At the beginning, I teach them the rules, offensive and defensive skills and strategies. Once they learn the fundamental skill of playing dodge ball. I divide them into two groups to play games. Sometimes, I

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