Why Do Filipinos Love Asian Drama?
Essay title: Why Do Filipinos Love Asian Drama?
Why do Filipinos Love Asian Drama?
Asian novellas are what’s in these days. They are shown on almost every local TV Channel, sold on DVD and VCD in stores to sidewalks. What do these Asian-novellas have that make them very popular to us Filipinos? Why do Filipinos love Asian Drama?

As a watcher of Asian novellas myself, I have seen that it is easy for us Filipinos to relate and appreciate these Asian novellas because these are shows played by actors who are our co-Asians. Watching Asian actors give us a sense of being at home.

Filipino TV viewers are, I think quite tired of the local tele-novellela’s usual plots, storylines twists, and actors. Our tele-novellas’ story flow often take lots of episodes before anything meaningful happens. We Filipinos are tired of the same actors that switch roles for every new tele-novella. New, Asian actors, plots and storylines are a break from the usual race and faces of tele-novellas. The new Asian novellas that have taken us by storm have rather complicated storylines which people enjoy very much because for once in their lives they can experience a non-clichй novella. I myself find the storyline of different Asian novellas that I’ve watch at least for a short while very amusing. The storyline is always unexpected.

Fast-paced Asian-novellas are injected with very funny scenes that include clever situations, jokes and even funny faces. You will also be surprised that even though these shows are from other Asian countries, the experiences of the actors are not very far from our day-to-day experiences that we might have. Viewers of Asian-novellas can also grasp a few foreign words

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