Dnt Express – Principles of Management
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Principles of Management
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October, 2012
Diversity Management
Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities
International Business
General Planning & Strategic Planning
Organizing Work and Synergism
Organization Structure and Chart
Work Team Utilization
Employee Training and Development
Motivating Employees
Leadership and Management
Managing Conflict and Stress
Managing Change
Appraising and Rewarding
Operations Management and Plans
Operations Control
DNT Express is a relatively small, “family owned transportation and freight brokerage company based in small town, usa that provides truck load and less-than-truck load delivery service to all of the continental United States” Starting off as a single owner-operator company, DNT Express has grown to employ ten full-time owner-operators and five full-time employees.

The owner, has sought to grow the company to its current size and has done so by implementing and maintaining different management techniques. In order for any company grow and succeed over the span of more than a decade sound management principles must be in place and utilized. In the following paper, I will analyze these management principles as they pertain to DNT Express and in conclusion I will address the level and scope of DNT Express adherences to these principles.

Diversity Management
DNT Express, being the small family owned company that it is has fewer internal diversity issues to deal with that of larger companies. Of the fifteen employees, thirteen are males over of age of forty and two are females in aged in their thirties. All employees are Caucasian and Christian. The main difference in the companys workforce is job roles and personalities which will be discussed in the organizing work and synergism section.

At first glance, there might not seem to be a need for any particular diversity management practices. However, the customers of DNT Express come from a wide spectrum that the United States has to offer and both office employees and truck drivers must be able to communicate properly with the customers. Since the company has such a limited amount of diversity due to the fact that they are a small business they “may be less able to cope with diversity issues” (Glass & Corporon, 1996). When asked if there have ever been any problems caused by diversity, the owner stated, “No, but I do encourage all employees and drivers to treat all customers and fellow employees with the same respect that they would request” In essence, this small business has very little need for an active diversity management program.

Ethical, Social and Legal Responsibilities
The ethical, social and legal responsibilities of DNT Express are, as with any other business, numerous in modern societies. DNT Express does not have a written code of ethics their employees must abide by however “common sense and strong moral conduct are expected from all of our employees” The company has a zero tolerance policy for theft and records altering. “One of the most important ways a company can demonstrate its sense of social responsibility is through its workforce,” (Rue & Byars, 2009, 101) and DNT Express does just that.

DNT Express demonstrates social responsibility by helping to ensure that their employees get the time off that they need and fair pay to help contribute to a good quality of life for their employees. Employees are also afforded time off whenever possible to participate in volunteer activities, if they choose.

The list of legal responsibilities for DNT Express has is very long with regulations set up by the Department of Transportation, Internal Revenue System, and State and Federal Governments. The company is regulated from the “file cabinet to the back of the truck,”. There are rules, regulations and laws that need to be followed concerning log books, drug and alcohol programs, taxes, contracts, filing systems, maintenance logs, and numerous other things.

International Business
According to Rue and Byars on page 115, “International trade consists of the exchange of goods and services by different countries.” DNT Express does not directly service or trade with foreign countries but that trading gives DNT Express products to deliver and the fuel to deliver said goods. With a net import of 8.4 million barrels per day (Nerurkar, 2012) the United States is

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