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Harisis (1993) stated that barriers create difficulty in creating a diversified workplace. These barriers include stereotypes and their associated assumptions, cultural differences, exclusivity of the white males and its associated access to important information and relationships, unwritten rules and double standards for success, which are often unknown to women and minorities; and lack of communication about differences. Harisis (1993) further stated that the acknowledgement of these barriers brought about the first real steps toward managing the diversity of a changing work force.

According to Sudhoff (2004), a diverse workforce can improve a banks bottom line, reduce turnover, and promote cooperation among staff and within the community. Sudhoff (2004) believes that diversity is important to a bank as an employer to meet the requirement of Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Additionally, a diverse workforce will also have a positive economic impact on business. Diversity among employees reflects a welcoming environment to a diverse customer base. Customers tend to feel invited or encouraged when they see someone like themselves. This is particularly true in areas where the customer base might speak various languages other than English. If the bank office is in an area where there is a significant Hispanic population, it only makes sense that several people at that office should speak Spanish. This not only helps the customers feel welcome but makes the transactions move more smoothly for the bank and the customer.

Cross and Cronklin (2003) present an imaginary scenario as a way to follow the potential thought process of a CEO who is learning about diversity and defining his or her organizations diversity intervention needs. They give three consultant presentations (X, Y and Z), with each presentation representing a different intervention strategy. The cultural appreciation, inclusion and social justice strategy. Cross and Cronklin (2003) show the background thinking, basic premises and recommended actions for each of the strategies. Team X explains that creating a safe environment in which individuals are free to explore their attitudes, feelings and behaviors with respect to people who are different, is essential. Team Y explains that the social justice strategy is an organizational development strategy that takes place over several years. Team Z highlights the emergence of inclusion programs in the workplace, as well as in the classroom.

In Lightners (2006) work, ProMedica Health System was already ranked among the most integrated health systems in the US. In the article, Lightner described some of the critical success factors used to design and deploy their system-wide diversity strategy. After joining the organization, the immediate goal was to create a three-year Diversity Strategic Plan within 90 days. In order for ProMedica to achieve any level of diversity success, several important factors

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