Ethics Filter Worksheet
Essay title: Ethics Filter Worksheet
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Justify the Values Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

I was brought up to be honest with everyone. Honestly is the best policy in both your personal and professional life. My parents instilled in me that honesty mattered. Being honest at work will build character. Being honest to your family is also important because this allows them to see that what you say is correct and true.

It always pays to be honest at work. Supervisors and co-workers know if you are not telling the truth. Supervisors who are honest with their employees will have the respect for that individual. The employee will work harder to be more productive for that supervisor. I do not have to remember what was said when I am honest and tell the truth. Honesty develops trust among people.

When employees are loyal to their employees, they will stay with that company. Some employees retire with the same company after 30 or more years. I have been with my employer for almost 25 years. In the job market today folks are changing careers more.

I placed loyalty at number three because whether we are all customers of another department at work. We want our customers to be loyal to us. There are four habits that build loyalty: 1) try to see things through the eyes of the customer; 2) everything impacts the customer experience; 3) exceed what the customer wants; 4) make it easy to do business for that customer. (Yanovitch, T.)

I was brought up to respect everyone. My parents taught me to show respect to all people. I also show respect to animals. If you show pets that you love them, they will love you back. If you are always yelling at them, they will be afraid of you.

Respect in the workplace will help to retain more seasoned employees. Sometimes, these employees are harder workers than the younger employees. Just because someone is disrespectful to you is no reason to be disrespectful back. Yes, this is hard sometimes.

Being brought up

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