Evaluate the Disney’s Business Model in Making Money
Research for Practice: Evaluate the Disney’sbusiness model in making moneyMark Chen_______________9771286LCE502 English for Academic PurposesLingnan UniversityAuthor NoteCHEN Haifa (Mark), The Community College at Lingnan University.I declare I have complied with the APA ethical principles and I am solely responsible for the facts and accuracy of the data presented herein. I do not present portions of another’s work or data as my own, even if the other work or data source is cited occasionally.(Signature of corresponding author)                                        (Date)[pic 1][pic 2]AbstractThe objective of this research is to understand and uncover what are the gaining profit secrets by Walt Disney Company (“Disney”). I will use the global view instead of by individual region because the company direction should be aligned more precisely by Disney’s headquarter. Furthermore, I will analyze her revenue incomes categorized under “Media networks”, “Parks and resorts”, “Studio entertainment”, “Consumer products & interactive media”. To general public, what they interactive daily with Disney should be theme parks, her resorts, her delicious buffet, and all her gorgeous products which are mostly related to Disney’s characters and the newly one from Marvel and Star Wars. However, when we check out more in documents and journals about Disney, theme parks are not the most profitable revenue arm, neither movies nor products too. Through this research, I will evaluate Disney thoroughly on different aspects and reveal why Disney can maintain her kingdom, amongst the market competition, for almost a hundred years in the entertainment and media industry. Should Disney stock (NYSE: DIS) a considerable one to buy now? Let’s explore together.                Keywords: revenue income, entertainment industry, stockTable of ContentsCover

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