Advantage and Disadvantage of Cellphone Usage to the G11 – Ght03a Students of Pucu
Essay Preview: Advantage and Disadvantage of Cellphone Usage to the G11 – Ght03a Students of Pucu
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ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGE OF CELLPHONE USAGE TO THEG11-GHT03A STUDENTS OF PUCUA Thesis Presented toThe Senior High School DepartmentOf PHINMA UPang College UrdanetaIn Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the courseAPP 005: Practical Research IByRussel PalmaYrika Jenn NavaleJaiza Ayessa Reign TajonKayzee Monte de RamosMark Razel MasiglatDean Patrick PalaylayVince Gabriel LeddaIan Ichiro BeguasMarch 2018PHINMA UPANG COLLEGE URDANETAUrdaneta City, PangasinanSenior High School DepartmentThis research entitled “ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGE OF CELLPHONE USAGE TO THE G11-GHT03A STUDENTS OF PUCU” prepared and submitted by Russel Palma, Yrika Jenn Navale, Jaiza Ayessa Reign Tajon, Kayzee Monte de Ramos, Mark Razel Masiglat, Dean Patrick Palaylay, Vince Gabriel Ledda, and Ian Ichiro Beguas in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course APP 005 Practical Research is hereby accepted.____________________________MS. ROSALIE J. MEJIA, LPTAcademe AdviserACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe researchers would like to give thanks and gratitude to all the persons that have become a big part in accomplishing this study. First of all, We would like to thank our Almighty God, whose blessings allowed us the privilege of completing this study in time, without His compassion, generosity and love we can do nothing.To all our classmates, especially to our subject teacher who helped us to formulate this study, Ms. Rosalie J. Mejia. We are truly grateful because of your unstoppable  support and patience in guiding the researchers from the preparation of this study until the end, and to all the person who gave a pieces of advice which strengthened the researchers mind and heart to pursue this study in spite of all hindrances.To our family, especially to our mother, father, and siblings who had supported us with their prayers and as well as their dedications. And also for their moral and financial support in order to finish this study.        To the respondents, for their worthy support and full cooperation and time in terms of providing the researchers all the needed information.And lastly, To PHINMA UPang College of Urdaneta for helping every student to be able to become responsible in the future.The ResearchersDEDICATION        Every challenging work needs a self-effort as well as guidance of elders especially those who were very close to my heart. I humbly dedicate this effort to my loving parents who have been a great source of inspiration and support, supportive teacher who encouraged me to build my motivation towards on making this research, and mostly to my group mates who exerted effort upon doing this research with me. I wouldn’t accomplish this without you.

Russel PalmaI greatly dedicate this research paper to Our Almighty God. To my fellow classmates, to my friends, to my loving family, and especially to my group mates, guidance of our supportive teacher and mostly to myself. This work cannot be done without the help of each and everyone.Yrika Jenn NavaleI dedicate this research to the students for them to have knowledge on this research, and to my parents who gave me inspiration, motivation, and support in doing this research. And to our Almighty God who always guides and cheers me up.Jaiza ayessa Reign TajonI dedicated this research to all my classmates, to my parents, and us researchers who conducted this study and most importantly to our Almighty God who gave me strength on continuing this.Mark Razel MasiglatI greatly dedicate this research to my parents whose love, unselfish support and example, and to my fellow classmates but most of all to my group mates who exerted efforts and struggled upon doing this research with me.Dean Patrick PalaylayI would like to thank my group mates on doing this research with me. I dedicate this study to my loving parents, teachers, and friends because of their support and motivation I can’t do nothing.Ian Ichiro BeguasI humbly dedicate this work first to our Almighty God who gave me strength and helped our group to finish this work, and I also dedicate this research to my parents who taught me that the best kind of knowledge to have is that which is learned for its own sake. And lastly to my friends who always support and believed in my abilities.Kayzee Monte De RamosI dedicate this research to my schoolmates, group mates, and teachers. Through this research I gained more knowledge and I learned something new.Vince Gabriel LeddaABSTRACT        This study entitled “Advantage and Disadvantage of Cellphone Usage to the G11-GHT03A students of PUCU” sought to determine the advantage and disadvantage of cell phone usage to the students in terms on their performance in class, to assess the roles of the school management team to appraise the effectiveness of monitoring by the relevant authorities to investigate the perception of educators with regard to the academic performance. As well, it is also focused on determining the significant difference between affecting the academic performance of G11-GHT03A and their profile includes age and gender.        This research follows the correlational method under the quantitative approach to research. The G11-GHT03A students were taken as respondents, this will focused on the academic performance of the students and it will recognize student’s opinion on making some different answer to resolve the problem using survey questionnaires. It was found out that there is no significant difference between the profile and the advantage and disadvantage of cellphone usage of  the respondents. We therefore conclude that the

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