What Is Ad And Disad Of Globalization?
Essay Preview: What Is Ad And Disad Of Globalization?
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In the last 20 years, globalization is a very buzz-word which people can head it from government, business, and media. Therefore, as a buzz-word, people give it a common definition: ÐŽoa rapid increase in international trade and investment in the last 20 years which is breaking down national borders and creating a single global economy-often called the ÐŽ®global villageЎЇ (Greenfield, 2007)ÐŽ±. However not everything is good, globalization also has the advantage and disadvantage.

In the advantage aspects, globalization is good for freedom and prosperity between international transactions, it creates a free market in the whole world, it helps country to attract more investment, hence, globalization promote the growth of the economics, create more jobs and reduce poverty, then, people get more money and their life standard becomes better. All of these are the good influence of the globalization.

In the disadvantage aspects, globalization makes the polarization of rich and poor becoming bigger, it increase the instability of the worldЎЇs economics, present globalization rules are good for the development countries not the developing countries, it also destroys the environment of developing countries, and it also attacks the nationalЎЇs culture. All of these are the bad influence of the globalization.

Globalization brings more opportunities for the development of humanЎЇs society. However, that is not mean every business should become ÐŽ®globalisedЎЇ. Because, as the low-growth entrepreneurs, they are more like the peaceful lifestyle and stable income not the risky growth strategies. As the high-growth entrepreneurs, the founders have a high level of household income, well education, and more likely to be young or middle-aged men. All of these innateness advantages support enough capital for these entrepreneurs to assume the risky of the business. Therefore, not every business should become ÐŽ®globalisedЎЇ,

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