Dear Aunt Bessy
Dear aunt bessy,
I have found a way to spend your money. Im giving 600,000 to the meat packing plants because they are nasty dirty, 300,000 is going to stop child labor and 100,00 is going to stop deforestation. I think these are the biggest problems we can help with, with the money you gave me. Womens rights were another big one but I think that they will have enough supporters that they will do just fine.

The first thing I am going to talk to you about is the meat packing industries. I think we can clean up these factories by giving these guys some money. I think it would be a big help to them. These factors are very dirty and gross and nobody should be getting any sort of foods from those kind of factorys, to be honest toys would still probably be a bad idea to buy from a factory as dirty as the meat packing factorys. In these factorys they said to be rats running around everywhere, and the workers would but out bread with poison on it to kill the rats.(D). Its also been heard of when the workers are shoveling the meat into the machines to grind it up that rats would be in there and get grounded up to.(D) If one of those rats ate some poison or even had some kind of disease it could get somebody very sick if they ate that meat that was poisoned. The workers didnt even care about the meet either. If they dropped it on the dirty floor they just pick it up and throw it back on the pile.(D) Now just think about that, thats where all the workers sweat is dripping, where they spit if they got to spit, theres rat dropping all over the floor. They said that if you brush your hand on the meat you could grab a hand full of rat droppings and the workers wouldnt do anything about that, They just brush it off and send it on its way.(D) I think we could spend the money on maybe a nicer working place, like a new factory or something. Maybe they could spend some on hiring an exterminator. They may also may be able to pay the workers more so they care about their jobs a little more and they may stop shoveling rats into the machines. As you canny see these factories are not safe for foods or anything to be produced in there. They are way to dirty and I hope you agree and you let me put the money towards it to help clean up the place and maybe potentially save some lifes by tacking away the dirtiness and limit the rats diseases and poisoning.

Now I am going to talk about child labor and how that is bad but not only for the children but also the future of our country. Most of the child lobar was in mines, mostly coal mines. They worked in coal mines because it was an easier job; all they had to do was separate coal from the other rubble. They didnt have grown men doing that because they have to do the harder jobs deep in the coal mines like picking away at the rock and what not. The working conditions were not good for anybody really

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