Sleep Steadily
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Sleep Steadily
John: (yawning)
Allen: Hey, buddy. What’s wrong with you? You are low-spirited recently.
John: Oh, there are a lot of things to do. I’m worried about that all day. It’s annoying, and I’ve stayed up for one month!
Allen: Oh, goodness! It seems that you don’t keep a balance between your job and the sleeping time. I will tell you what to do and you can manage your things well and sleep sweetly at night.

To effect your life, the first step is to have an agendum of all your works, and each one is with their dead line. Notice, it’s not the earlier due things the more urgent ones to do; you have to rank with their significance as well as their easy degree, examine all the thing’s correlation, so you can figure out which one really matters and plan a smooth agenda. For example, you need to wash you clothes, go to a movie with your friend tomorrow, and prepare for your presentation next week. Accordingly, you have to consider that if you don’t wash your clothes today, you have to wear dirty dress to the movie; the time you watch a movie you can’t prepare the presentation; and though the presentation is still far away, the more time to prepare, the more, fuller ideas you can get. Thus, I’ll suggest you choosing the most important thing, the presentation, to do now, and when you get a little tired, you go to wash your clothing. Therefore, can dress prettily to the movie, wear clean clothes in the following week, and your performance won’t be bad in the class.

To continue, deciding the order, and predict the working time for each item. By the end of the day, you have to retrace your whole achievement: what you have finished perfectly, what needs to improve. It’s essential for you to make sure the results because you can get the sense of content from it and get the confidence. Also, check the time you truly spend on each one; are they accord with your previous predictive time? Consider it in your following

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