High Turnover Case Analysis
Essay Preview: High Turnover Case Analysis
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Define the Problem
The high HR turnover rate is the main problem. And this problem leads to 2 problems:
Lowering morale among the remaining employees.
Wasting more company resources spent recruiting and training.
Justify the definition
There are four reasons for the problem:
Some new hires were unqualified and not capable of doing their job because they lacked experience, knowledge and skills.
Some could not identify with the companyЎЇs culture and others actually disagreed with the companyЎЇs culture, values, and environment.
Some were not satisfied with their direct line managerЎЄthe boss didnЎЇt understand their needs or how to motivate them, and many bosses had poor communication skills.

Some reported not getting enough respect from their manager.
The consequences of the problem are serious. If we donЎЇt take any action, these reasons will heighten the HR turnover rate gradually, and the company will encounter more and greater HR crises.

List criteria for successful solution
So, we have to solve this problem for each reason:
For reason 1
Higher requirements for getting hired.
A stricter training program for recruits.
For reason 2
More of employees identify with our own culture.
Improve working environment.
For reason 3 and 4
Heighten satisfaction rate of employees.
Improve the working relationship between managers and employees.
Make good communication channels and communicate smoothly
List courses of action
Compare each possible solution against criteria
See this table:
Some recruits were unqualified.
Making more effective recruiting procedures to recruit more suitable employees for the future vacancies.
To lessen unqualified recruits for future positions.
To make sure HR members know vacancy criteria.
To be difficult to recruit enough employees quickly, especially for so many vacancies.
Making exit interview procedures to find these kinds of problems in future.
To find these problems easily in future.
To find these problems in time.
To be not necessary in the future no longer, especially after the turnover rate lowers down.
Training the HR manager and members to learn new recruiting procedures and criteria.
To lessen unqualified recruits for future positions.
To assess and find out the unqualified employees.
To raise some dissatisfactions from the remaining employees.
Some recruits couldnЎЇt identify with the culture.
Communicating enough, within upward, downward, horizontal and outward networks, to make most of employees identify with our companyЎЇs culture.
To make more employees identify with it.
To find other problems.
To improve morale.
To function slowly.
Giving the culture difference between our local company and the multinational and overseas competing companies, and studying from their culture and value.

To eliminate some unsuitable elements from our culture.
To form our own characteristic organizational culture.
Recruiting new college graduates, to make them identify with the culture easily.
To make some employees identify with it easily.
To make more and more employees identify with it.
To be difficult to recruit qualified graduates.
Improving working environment.
To make some employees work happily and get more productivity.
To cost more.
Some direct line manager had poor communication skills.
Training some direct line managers to make them learn more tactful communication skills, and make most of them can know the needs of their employees and how to motivate them.

To make them communicate more, and know more needs of their subordinates.
To make them motivate their subordinates more effectively.
To improve morale.
To cost more.
Making assessing procedures of communication skills to all direct line managers.
To make

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