Dipro Marketing Management Audit
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Executive Summary
Dipro has become the most successful launch in terms of sales in the history of DC Pharmaceuticals, toping $110M in only six full months!
Dipro is already considered the Gold Standard for advanced disease therapy.
Dipro has quickly moved into the fourth position, among the eight most prescribed Interlobular Lung Disease (ILD) treatments in terms of audited sales when comparing their 12 months of data to our 61/2 months.

The data just fielded in December indicates more exciting news as Dipro is now the second most prescribed treatment in second line therapy and trails only Product X by 8 share points.

The Dipro success was accomplished by a focus strategy across the Brand Team.
Delivering a message that appealed to physicians “An option where none existed before!” And minimized barriers to use.
An energized sales force that was trained around delivering this treatment.
A clinical team that delivered countless studies and over 854 publications supporting the use of Dipro.
A counter effort that raised awareness among patients through various E-programs.
Managed Market programs that leveraged extensive Extended Access Programs and Patient Assistance Programs and maximized patient access.
The ILD Market will experience unprecedented change with the launch of three new novel therapies in 2004. To put this into perspective the last new therapy was Guaku launched in 1998 and the product before that was Tatexo in 1996.

Physicians will be faced with the dilemma of trying to determine the appropriate therapy for each patient without the luxury of having extensive sequencing data. Dipro can also be added along the way when patients cannot tolerate the toxicity of other therapy, but still want to fight for survival.

The focus of this document is four-fold:
Environmental Aspects of the Current Market
Political Issues
Marketing Mix
Sales Objectives/Strategies
Summary and Recommendations
In order to remain leaders in the treatment of ILD, the importance of education must be realized. Education of the physician, as well as patients affected by this disease, are a must. Physicians must learn that there are treatment options

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