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Dear Mitch Albom
Your novel Tuesdays with Morrie truly helped me on more than one occasion in my life. I know there will be Hundreds of other students writing about this book saying how it helped them get through there English class and thanking you for not writing some boring book about things which do not pertain to them, though those things are true your book helped me through a very difficult time in my life, my fathers passing. I had first read this book in 8th grade with my English class and bought a copy after we had finished. I then read that copy multiple times, each time gaining some new meaning from it. In September of 2009 my father passed away from liver failure. When I arrived home that day I laid down on my bed and reflected on the events leading up to it. The entire time I reflected I had this book becoming more and more relatable. I got off of the bed and dug through the box of books in my closet and found your novel, in all of its paper back glory. I try to live my life in a way that would make my father proud, In doing so I live a life with limited hostility and hatred for others. Each time I pick up this book and read I find that what Morrie Shwartz Had instilled on his mind is a perfect example of the way I live. I had a book mark inside when I picked up the book. The quote on the page I remember is “love each other or perish”. My father also would relate to this quote so well and I found it a beam of hope in my moments of sadness. That being said I read that book cover to cover that night and it has changed my outlook on my life immensely. I believe I read it in such a difficult time that the words healed the pain I had and are now scarred on me. They are scars I am proud to show and spread amongst the others in my life who I care deeply for .Every time I have a stopping point in my life I always think to music or your novel for some sort of new found inspiration I have skipped over at a glance. If you get the chance to read this letter just know that it was the easiest one I have ever wrote. The words going into this are the truth and require nearly no effort to compose. It is very easy to speak the truth about something so inspirational such as your book. Knowing that you had such a true and amazing relationship with a mentor such as Morrie makes me know that the people I surround my self with are always gaining knowledge or inspiration due to the actions of another. This is why I keep my actions honorable. I know that someone as wise as Morrie or my father would never want actions committed that I myself would not be proud of. You were truly lucky to have one on one sessions with Morrie and Im sure you know that to be true. Also the movie that was adapted from this book is one of few I can watch and say was a true representation of the book it is based upon. It was nice to get these words out onto paper and once again I can thank your novel and Morrie for

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