Murree Brewery
Muree BrewreyBarbican[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4][pic 5]ShezanNestle        Direct Competitors:Muree Brewery: It is an ISO14001 certified company. Product line contains beers, liquors, non alcoholic beers, carbonated soft drinks and fruity malts. The products which act as competitors for us are non alcoholic beers and fruity malts containing lemon, peach, strawberry and apple. The different strategies Muree Brewery uses areProduct Strategy: Catering to upper, middle and low classTrying to provide best quality liquidsIncreasing the product line extensionPricing Strategy: Maximizing profitsPricing policy’s main aim to target middle and upper middle classPromotional Strategy: Banners and print adds etcDistribution Strategy:Providing dealers in larger cities like Lahore, Islamabad etcTrying to provide excessive availability As it is not using TVCs to promote their products a large portion of target audience is still not targeted.Barbican: Barbican itself is a non-alcoholic drink which originates from Middle Eastern countries. The flavours it is offering are apple, raspberry, lime, malt, pineapple, peach, strawberry and pomegranate. It is known for its range of flavours the strategies it uses are Product Strategy: Catering to upper and middle classProviding high range of flavoursPricing Strategy: Pricing policy aim to maximize profitsPricing policy’s main aim to target upper middle classPromotional Strategy: Banners and print adds etcDistribution Strategy:Provided by high end stores like Al-Fateh, Jalal sons, Pot purri, HKB etc Indirect Competitors:Nestle and Shezan: Nestle and Shezan can be included in the indirect competitive list of Frosté because of the fruit flavours both are providing. The liquids, malt and juices are mostly consumed by the age bracket of 18-25 years. So they become Frosté’s competitors because it also focuses on the same target market moreover it is also trying to provide a range of fruit falvours.

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