World Celebration and Festival
Assignment 1: World View Chart Writing AssignmentChristopher MatthewsStrayer UniversityREL 212- World Religion Dr. Maxine BrownDecember 12 2014         A religious festival and celebrations are a special importance the make by celebration on recurring cycles a calendar. There are hundreds of very and different religious festivals held around the world each year. The ancient Greek festivals were major in religious events.  The purposes and religious rituals of the festivals maintain a good relation with God or creator. In the Hinduism, religion honors the divine in so many forms. In everyday life a religious celebration are held in some parts of India. In months of August or September, Vasishnavites celebrate Krishna’s birthday (Janmashtami) were the devotees fast and keep vigil. This manifest in today’s Christianity religion when celebration Lent is a 40-day period of fasting verse fasting until midnight. Hindus also practice Hoil which is jolliest of all festivals. Its celebrated at the of winter’s death and the advent of spring. In late February or early March, major activity is throwing colored powder or squirting water paint with abandon. This celebration ritual has been around since prehistoric times and still in today environment.

Buddhism festivals are different from other countries most festivals are not celebrated. A Buddhist important festival is Veask that mark the day of Buddha’s birth. Vajrayana Buddhist celebrate four days commemorate of Buddha birth. Mahayana Buddhists believe the marks of Buddha’s enlightenment. Devout Buddhist gather round the temples in months of April and May. The images of Buddha make offering of flower, candles, incense and to observer the Five Precepts. Buddist holidays are joyful occasions. Normally begins people to local temple were will bring food or other items to the monks and listens to the Dharma. In Japan, Shakyamuni Buddha’s birthday ( Hana Matsuri) which is celebrated in early April. Doaism and Confuciansim both go hand in hand with each other. Both religions share some similarities of the cutler. The Lanterin festival is among one of Doaism and Confucianism favorite festival. The festival take place at the end of the Chinese New Year. The day that the Gods go to heaven to offer their respect to the Jade Emperor. On the night of Lantern festival, people roam the streets enjoying dragon, paper lanterns, lion’s dances, parades, Fireworks and rice balls.        Shinto festivals encourage the spirit of the kami to dewll in a shrine, long and very complex ceremonies needed. Shinto has seasonal festivals when the kami and exuberant affairs in which the people are join to celebrate life. Local shrine celebrate kami with a festival that usually includes a great parade. During the festivals, offering rice, fish, vegetables, that present to the kami , as well offering of music, dance and praises. Everyone,  is bless by water flung and by a priest, tree  dip in into sanctified wated. Also  this ritual or festival put me in the mind of the catholic churches when the sanctify water to me it’s the same as holy water. Zoroastrian have seven spiritual obligatory fests. 6 of the 7 call gahanbars. Zoroastrian and Shinto have same similarities when come to festival, the sacrificing of food and praising the heavens. Judaism Festivals are antiquity and observed in Israel intensively and often in many different ways.

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