America Is a Melting Pot
America Is a Melting Pot
America is a Melting Pot
America has become a melting pot of ethnic people. If you live in or near a city you can see the many ethnic cultures that influence our lives. America began with waves of immigrants, bringing their own cultures and traditions to a new country so they can express them. Nowhere else on this planet can you find such a diverse population. It’s this mixture that makes America what it is but it also makes up a lot of the problems we face. For centuries the United States has attracted the “poor, huddled masses [that are] yearning to breathe free.” (

America is a melting pot of many groups, some who have come to find the freedoms of the “New World” had to offer, and some who have come against their own will. All have had a great influence on our lives. We come from different places, speak different languages, are different colors, eat different

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