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“The Relevance of Political and Social Thought to you as students of Foreign Affairs”Ideally, a Foreign Affairs student will proceed to serve the Foreign Affairs sector of the country, whether it be politically or economically. However, whatever one’s occupation is, we all have to encounter different people along the way. For this reason, I personally think that this particular subject is an important part of the foundation of a Foreign Affairs students considering that one will later on encounter people who are of different backgrounds, such as in terms of cultures traditions.Politically, this subject will be a guide to political things that happen around. An example would be how government has developed over the years to its present state. By understanding the means of which the government has developed, we can get a better grasp of how some political sectors and minds work like, for example, using the Pyramiding Method. With this, we can also be aware of how certain countries operate politically, maybe even underground.Of course, when one deals with politics, one must, admittedly, be sociable to the best of his or her advantage.

Societal thought will come in handy when working on a personal level. Because different people have different upbringings, each one then has different ideas and perspectives on certain things. Even when two people are of the same city, one cannot expect that they both share the exactly the same sentiments. When one is working for the country, one realizes that it is not only his or her perspective he or she should take into account but also that of the people, or as term generally, the society. Going back to how people are brought up, one must also realise that sometimes people react like they do partly because of the traditions that have been handed down.With that, Political and Societal thought will be a strong pillar of the foundation of a Foreign Affairs student.

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