Visual Merchandising
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Visual merchandising
Analyze and compare two different mannequins presentation in Shanghai, investigating their category style, characteristics (realistic, abstract, headless, dress forms, 3D forms etc.)

There are many kinds of mannequins actually and almost all of shops use mannequins for their products presentation. It is pity to introduce much more interesting mannequins. There are 2 kinds of mannequins are chosen from different shops and they are the shops which mainly include womens accessories. They are PEDDERRED and COACH. Both of them are in Westgate Mall which is located in Nanjing Road. There will be introduced about the type of mannequins of two shops, styles, uses and also comparison of two shops.

The shops main items are bags and shoes.
Type of Mannequin in PEDDERRED
Dress form with Articulated Artists Figures
The hands and elbows joints can be swiveled and show various movements. So the mannequins are kinds of dress form. This shops mannequins have different shapes and silhouettes. And they have patterns or colors on the body of mannequins.

What is the purpose for using this kind of mannequin in this shop?
—Hang bags or accessories on the mannequins. Of course its right. But,but
They use mannequins which are different silhouette. The shop sells products mainly about bags and shoes, not accessories. If they wanted to show accessories they neednt buy a big mannequin and hang a small necklace on it. So in a way, they want to show main products by hanging on the mannequins and another way they want to describe customers that the shop sells toward. Our customers are both tall and short, are white-collars who always wear formal dresses, look like princess who like wear hour-glass shaped dress, like luxurious accessories, wear mufflers around their neck and so on.

Mufflers are not the products to sell
Mainly includes accessories…
Type of Mannequin in COACH

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