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Two Way Street Love
Two Way Street Love
Our feelings can add a great deal to our daily lives. Every individual feels different emotions in different levels, a feeling caused by a person’s perception about something or someone. When we feel an emotion, it is because the energy inside us has been triggered by a thought which creates feelings felt in our body.

There are only two basic emotions. One is HAPPINESS and the other one is SADNESS. What cause our feelings to change is how we project them. Since our emotions are in our subconscious, all our experiences stay with us as long as we live.

The Primary emotions that a person has are: love, joy, surprise, anger, sadness and fear.
The greatest is LOVE. No one is in control when love rose. It is something we fall into. The first few people that we fell in love with are our parents, our family. For the opposite sex, perhaps it even happens at first sight. Sometimes it starts with friendship or being enemy at first. What we feel is something unique and special. It can be passion, intimacy and good friendship.

Nothing nourishes our life more than sharing it with our loved ones. Nurturing strong, fruitful and fulfilling loving relationships not only provide us with great joy and happiness. It also support and inspires us towards achieving our goals in life.

Communication is important. They should learn how to talk and listen to each other.
Build honesty within your relationship. Always keep an open mind even if the consequences may somewhat hurt you or vice versa.
Trust naturally comes when you are honest with each other. It promotes a sense of peace.
Being dependable means that you can rely on each other.
Respecting each other’s opinions and even differences adds up to a stronger relationship.
Enemy of love is doubt and lack of trust. Both are different yet equally important reasons for diminishing the
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