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What is love? How do we know if love exists if its not tangible? If love exists then why do people so frequently fall in and out of love? There are many theories of love, ranging from scientific notions of what love truly is and peoples personal opinions of experience.

In the article “Theory of love” it describes love as being three different components of a triangle; they are intimacy, passion and decision/commitment. The first component is intimacy, which is explained as being primarily emotional or affective in nature and involves feelings of warmth and closeness. The second component is passion, which is motivational and consists of drives that are involved in romantic and physical attraction. The third component which is decision/ commitment, this is solely based on cognitive and represents the short term goal that you might love another and the long term goal of you maintaining that relationship.

As you read on it begins to talk about the Typology of Love and how it can be measured. This concept takes the “Theory of Love” three component triangles and ranges them on a basis of high or low. Then there are a list of characteristics of kind of love relationships traits, these are eight words to describe your feelings and to help measure what type of relationship you could be associated with. These eight words are nonlike, liking, infatuation, empty love, romantic love, companion love, fatuous love, and consummate love. For example; In infatuated -based relationships are characterized by relatively high levels of passion but low decision and intimacy. Another example would be if a couple experiences fatuous love then their commitment to one another is through passion, rather than on deep emotional intimacy.

When conceptualizing the very thought of love, you tend to wonder why, how, who, when and where. Love is a deep emotion that can make you hap

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