Anxiety Disorder
Anxiety disorder
Anxiety disorder is quite common especially with persons who experience persistent, excessive and intense fear and worry of day to day activities. It consists of recurrent episodes of unexpected feelings of fear, terror and concentrated anxiety accumulating within a very short period of time. Etiology of psychological problem explains the different causes of anxiety disorders in different individuals (Foa, Edna B, and Linda W. Andrews, 2013). In different perspectives, each disorder is assigned to originate from a different situation, such as environmental factors, for example, are stress, job, and finance. Medical factors can also be associated to trigger excessive anxiety example is side effects of a medicine or from multiple causalities such psychological, sociocultural or even biological factors. The anxiety disorder can take any of the following types, social anxiety disorder (social phobia), generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder or even specific phobias (Ford, Emily, et al, 2015).

Cognitive and Biological theories compliment the understanding of anxiety disorders in a number of ways. Cognitive theories on generalized anxiety disorder assert to have been hypothesized to contribute in threat-related information biases, interpretation of ambiguity and problem-solving concerns. The cognitive theory asserts that generalized anxiety disorder as pervasive and uses worry as a strategy to avoid the biased information or to avoid associated intense negative effects (Hofmann, Stefan G, and Patricia M. DiBartolo, 2014). Biological theory complements the understanding of the main contributors to anxiety such as the body’s fight or flight response, genetics or the brain chemistry on anxieties. This theory explains how genetic factors, depressed mood and the how amygdala glands influence anxiety in a human being.

Social anxiety disorder is a mental health ailment characterized by persevered panic, fear of being judged by others in school, workplace among other social arenas (Ford, Emily,

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