Hispanic American Diversity
Essay Preview: Hispanic American Diversity
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The governments response to 911 I believe added to the prejudice, because it was not just one race not liking another race it was a whole country not liking one race. They were singling out a specific heritage or race instead of realizing that anybody can be a terrorist. Timothy McVee was white and he was a terrorist. So if you are going to search, investigate, etc that should be for everybody not just one race. You cant blame a whole race for what some people in that race have done.

I looked online and tried to understand Orientalism and tried to understand the question about it. I also email the instructor with no response, so I do not know how to put this into words to answer the questions about Orientalism.

Teaching tolerance has to start with learning tolerance. You have to start with self. A suggestion to understand another race is ask a person of another cultural heritage to teach you how to perform a traditional dance or cook a traditional meal. Then once you have learned to accept someone of another cultural it should be taught at home. You can invite someone of a different background to join your family for a meal or holiday also dont buy playthings that glorify hate or violence. When you and your family learn how to accept others than while out in your community share your teachings in your community and support different cultured business and get to know the proprietors.

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