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The U.S Department of Defense (DOD) uses a concise definition of quality as ‘doing the right thing right the first time, always striving for improvement and always satisfying the customer’. Based to Procter & Gamble total quality refer to which is the unyielding anAd continually improving effort by everyone in an organization to understand, meet and exceed the expectations of customer.

Customers can be defines as a people who buy and use a product. In a total quality, quality is defined by the customer. However, according to Peter R. Scholters, ‘only once you understand what processes and customers are will you be able to appreciate what quality means in the new business world’. If customers are people who receive your work, only they can determine what quality is, only they can tell you what they want and how they want it. That’s why a popular slogan of quality is ‘quality begins with the customer’.

In an educational context term like ‘customer’, ‘customer gratified’ ‘customer service’ and ‘customer satisfaction’ and also the old marketing maxim that ‘customer is always right’ are an example of the research paper phenomenon. The cased are referred to the different approaches which are student should treated like a customer or like a product.

This approaches are stand with the certain extend when student as a customers, the faculty will treated them like a customer’s which means the faculty will satisfied the students needs and wants, listening attentively to them, and offering option and lastly give power to them in order to choose what grades and achievement they wants. Furthermore the second approach requires faculty to threat the student as their product. Student as a product can be summarizing to the marketing perspective, that’s include product design, product development and product test stage. Once the students drive through

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