Development of a Data Visualization Tool.
This assignment is based on the development of a data visualization tool. The basic concept is to produce a piece of software which reads in raw textual data, analyses that data, then presents it graphically to the user. The solution should be developed using the Java programming language and the AWT/Swing libraries for the Graphical User Interface. No other 3rd party libraries outside those available within the standard Java Development Kit (JDK) should be used. A UML class model of the final solution should also be produced.

The visualization tool should take the form of a typical desktop type application. It will contain a menu bar, dialogue boxes and a main window area to be used for showing various representations of the data. The exact layout of the whole application is not prescribed, however details of the visualizations to be shown are given and should be adhered to as close as possible.

Sample data files will be provided via the VLE which contain raw data. The format of these files is as follows:

The is provided as a comma separated list of decimal numbers, as are the start and interval values. It is possible that the data files are corrupt, hence the software should not only read the data from the files in the defined format, but should also validate the contents.

This work has been split into several requirements as described below. Requirement 1 and 2 contribute to component 1 and provide 40% of the module mark.

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