Computer Malicious Software
NameAffiliationDateComputer Malware TypesComputer Malware is used to identify computer malicious software that harms the computer in different ways. Programmers and developers designs malware software for different purposes either they want to steal the information or to gain access illegally. Malware is a type of crime which is used by people to disrupt the information on network. There are different types of malware e.g. Viruses, Worms, Spywares, and Trojan etc. etc. VirusesA virus is a type of malware that copy itself and spread into different computers. It is a piece of program that runs into the computer without notifying. All computer viruses are man-made. A computer virus can corrupt or delete computer files, and uses all available memory and resources to make the system halt. More dangerous type of virus can transmit itself on network and bypassing the security systems. Virus slowdowns the systems without any reason and unknown files are created within the system. System hard drives become unavailable and it also changes their name. The goal of virus is totally depend upon the programmers who develop the virus. Major functions of virus is to collect data from the system and hijack or messing up the systems.

Boot Sector VirusThis virus is generally applied on boot information and on any operating system that is on hard drive. This type of virus becomes popular by the use of floppy disk to boot computer. Now days wide use of internet has made virus transmission easier so it is not popular now but it still in use. WormsWorms are much like viruses as they can replicate them automatically and infect the files but unlike viruses they don’t have host files. They gain access to computer systems through email while most of the time enters through the network and rather damaging the single system the damage the whole network. Computer worms are the most common types of malware. Worms harm the host networks by consuming the bandwidth. Computer worms also contain payloads which are the piece of codes that perform different tasks on infected host computers without spreading. They are especially designed to steal data or to delete files. There are number of computer worm examples which are familiar to us. With the use of internet, worms are more known to us now. There are a number of worms for example Michelangelo, CodeRed, and MSBlast.

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